10/22/13 Double Review: High School DxD vs. So, I Can’t Play H!

07/07/13 An Over 9000 Figure Guide: S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball Z (Updated 2013)

06/23/13 Anime Review: Paradise Kiss – Passion meets Fashion!

06/11/13 Cyberpunk in Anime: 5 Sobering Titles (I’m a Cyborg But That’s OK)

05/20/13 An Ultimate Guide to Dollfie Dreams Anime/Videogame Character Releases by Volks

04/30/13 Anime Review: [C]: Control – The Money of Soul and Possibility

04/21/13 Ikki Tousen – Kan’u & Ryomou: Cast-off Swimsuit Figures by Griffon (NSFW 18+)

04/15/13 San Diego Anime Conji 2013: AMV Contest Winners

04/01/13 Anime Review: Needless (Ridiculous Collars + 12-pack Abs = OK)

03/25/13 Anne’s Anime Blog: A 1st Year Blogiversary Celebration!

03/19/13 Trigun: Badlands Rumble – Vash & Wolfwood by ARTFXJ (Kotobukiya)

03/12/13 Anime Review: Binbougami ga! (The God of Poverty!)

03/02/13 Gemini Saga of Saint Seiya by Tsume HQS (Anime Figure Pre-Order Alert!)

01/29/13 6 Badass Anime Butlers

01/23/13 Better Know a Genre Part 3: Harem Anime

01/02/13  Anne’s List: Anime for Animal Lovers

12/14/12  Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings – A Comprehensive Figure Guide

12/06/12  Figure Guide: Bandai D-Arts Pokémon Releases (I Choose You!)

11/28/12  Otaku Sexy: A Foray into Fashionable Anime Apparel

11/15/12  Anime Hair Colors: What Do They Mean?

10/08/12  Anime Review: Heaven’s Lost Property (Sora no Otoshimono)

09/20/12  Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movies to See US Theatrical Release

09/03/12  An Over 9000 Figure Guide: S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball Z

08/23/12  Just for Fun: A Tribute to the Anime Slap (Shikkari shiro!)

08/14/12  Exploring the Fate/ Franchise: An All-in-One Anime Guide

07/25/12  Otaku Ink: A Gallery of Animetastic Tattoos

07/20/12  The Girls of Native: A Complete Figure Guide (NSFW 18+)

07/09/12  Better know a Genre Part 2: Mecha Anime

07/03/12  LA Anime Expo 2012: Cosplay Gallery

06/19/12  Model Guide: The SD Gundams of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. (Wing 0 through 5)

06/09/12  Better know a Genre Part 1: Magical Girl Anime

05/30/12  Anime Review: Sergeant Frog aka Keroro Gunso (What the Frog?)

05/19/12  Figure Guide: Eris of Asobi Ni Ikuyo!/Cat Planet Cuties

05/11/12  Event Guide: Southern California Anime Conventions of Summer 2012

05/09/12  20 Anime Characters that Need a Figure Release

05/01/12  Anne’s List: 10 of the Biggest Assholes in Anime (love or hate ‘em!)

04/27/12  Anime Review: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing 00 (I am GUNDAM!)

04/18/12  Figure Guide: Rurouni Kenshin (An organized list of worthwhile collections)

04/10/12  Anime Review: Baccano! (What’s next?)

04/02/12  Figure Guide: The Racing Hatsune Miku Series by Good Smile Company

03/30/12  Anime Review: Rosario + Vampire Season 1 (Wheee!)

03/29/12  Figure Guide: One Piece Portrait of Pirates (POP) by MegaHouse

03/27/12  Anime Review: .hack//Legend of the Twilight

03/23/12  Preview: figma Griffith (Berserk)

03/22/12  Anime Review: Mouse (Chuu Mouse!)

03/18/12  Anime Conji 2012: March 16-18 in San Diego

Above: the library from the MMORPG Rusty Hearts. Perfect World Entertainment.

Above: the library from the MMORPG Rusty Hearts. Perfect World Entertainment.

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