annesanimeblogavatarHello and welcome to my blog! Here I create informative articles related to all things anime. Watching, collecting & assembling anime figure art, cosplay, etc.

My first exposure to anime was as a little girl, with Sailor Moon being my first watch. Although I enjoy all sorts of genres, I have a special place in my heart for “Magical Girl” anime.

I love anime figures, and collecting them is a major hobby. My current collection is approaching hoarder levels (0_0), not including general merchandise and plushies. I started at the beginning of 2004, and I’ve been accumulating more figures ever since.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me, feel free to message me on the site or at annesanimeblog@gmail.com.

FYI: None of my items featured here are for sale by me unless clearly stated in the entry title. Thanks for checking my web space out. I update when I’m not busy with work (once every 1-2 weeks), so I look forward to seeing you around!


  1. Can I just say wow, I’m your fan now~I love your collection. Have you seen the anime poyopoyo?

  2. Hi Anne, great blog! i´m Giovanni from Chile, do you know something about the dragon ball latest movie??

    • Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods is premiering in Japanese theaters March 30th. It covers chapters 517-518 of the original manga, and Akira Toriyama + the original seiyuu are involved with the project. Aside from it being the first DBZ movie in 17 years, I am excited about how beautiful the 3D elements look. Want it on Blu-ray.

  3. Hey just stopping by to say i love your blog & thanks for following me. my page is just getting started but check it out every now in then. I normaly do retro games but i also do anime/manga reviews. Thanks for the support & keep posting ❤

    • Your welcome, I like to see what people are up to (doesn’t have many RL friends:P), and your blog has topics that interest me. See you around like things that are round. Man, I need some sleep O_O

      • lol sounds good. Im gonna be posting like crazy so keep it touch :p your bound to find something on my page that tickles your fancy…nevermind, that just sounds weird v_v

  4. Happy to found your site! I am a collector too! All the best 😀

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