Now Simulcasting: Beyond the Boundary

BeyondtheBoundarylogoComing straight from the studio that brought you titles like K-On and Clannad, Kyoto Animation’s newest hit Beyond the Boundary is half-way through simulcasting on Crunchyroll.

In case you haven’t had the chance to check it out, Beyond the Boundary is a combination of supernatural fantasy and high school slice-of-life that has managed to keep me tuning in every week.

Kyoto Animation. 13 Episodes. Air date: Oct 2nd-Ongoing.

Kyoto Animation. Episodes: 13. Air date: October 2nd – Current.

“Do I look like a normal person?”

Akihito Kanbara, and–coincidentally–the rest of his high school literature club, possess a wide array of supernatural powers which relate to the spirit realm, and to strange entities known as youmu that are borne of humanity’s negative emotions. Unusual events begin to unfold after Akihito crosses paths with a girl said to have cursed powers.

Reading this description may have you rolling your eyes, but somehow Kyoto manages to make the tired premise of high school students who fight against supernatural creatures entertaining.

One strong factor Beyond the Boundary has going for it is a sleek animation style–which is very impressive in the action sequences. No expense was spared for this title. The modelling has also been consistent throughout. Also, lots of attention is given to subtleties in the expressions and body language of the characters.

While I’m mentioning body language, if you hate moe, you should probably avoid this series. Kyoto Animation has refined and mastered this niche to which its pink-haired heroine Mirai Kuriyama is no exception. She lays her hapless antics on pretty thick, and somehow manages to act cutesy while stabbing things with her own blood. This may be as terrifying to you as it sounds. The other characters, though drawn in the same style, sometimes channel a cool, street-savvy glossiness.


To be critical, though the main characters in Beyond the Boundary have been given dark backgrounds and off-beat personalities, I feel the writers should round them out more as the series progresses. One complaint for me is that for the sake of humor, the two male leads Akihito and Hiroomi are too defined by their fetishes. Other than that, a few of the themes explored in this series are: friendship, that you shouldn’t judge people, and getting over guilt.

Beyond the Boundary, may not be a deep series, but there are some very bright moments that are further bolstered by the excellent production value. Though the plot seems recycled, there is a mystery factor about this show that makes it refreshing. Of the selections this Fall, worth trying out.

Beyond the Boundary Characters

From left: Hiroomi Nase, Akihito Kanbara, Mirai Kuriyama, Mitsuki Nase.

* Find this series on Crunchyroll. New Episodes: Wednesdays 9:30am PST.
*Licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America for streaming and home video release in 2014.


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  1. Good to see you back. The whole fetish thing got tired quickly but there were always laughs in other areas to keep me interested. And of course, gorgeous animation!

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