San Diego Anime Conji 2013: AMV Contest Winners


Sponsored by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA), Anime Conji had some very competitive entries to its 2013 Anime Music Video Contest. This event was one of my favorites of the entire Convention, and I think the staff did a great job of putting it together.

After finishing this convention weekend, I felt like revisiting the winners, and thought to share these great AMVs with you as well.

Awards included: 4 “Best of” Categories, Judges’ Choice, Coordinator’s Choice, and Best of Show.

All material to the AMV contest was pre-screened & narrowed into a list of finalists chosen by the official judges prior to the convention. The winners for each category and Best of Show were selected via the ballots of attendees at the Conji AMV screening.



Title: Ghost of a Rose – by tipsd9video
Song: “Ghost of a Rose” – by Blackmore’s Night
Footage: Gosick (TV) (ゴシック)


Title: Rise Up – by Pikapwn
Song: “I Will Not Bow” – by Breaking Benjamin
Footage: Fullmetal Alchemist franchise (鋼の錬金術師)

Best of Show/Comedy

Title: Nothing on TV Anyway – by Cumberpunch Studio
Songs: Various
Footage: Various

*video footage unavailable. This AMV was a series of hilarious memetic skits that poked fun at common anime themes, classic series.

Image credit: Victoria Galietta – Anime Conji AMV Events Coordinator

Image credit: Victoria Galietta – Anime Conji 2013 AMV Events Coordinator

Coordinator’s Choice/Upbeat

[Denpa Onna] Till Then

*note: Above video is a clip. Not entire entry.

Image credit: Victoria Galietta – Anime Conji 2013 AMV Events Coordinator

Image credit: Victoria Galietta – Anime Conji 2013 AMV Events Coordinator

Judge’s Choice

Title: Evangelion 0.01 – Shinji is (not) the Boss by l33tmeatwad
Song: “Like a Boss” – by the Lonely Island
Footage: Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV) (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン)

AMV - Evangelion 0.01 - Shinji is (Not) the Boss [84B1FE85]

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  1. I bet that con was super fun~Are you going to Comic con?

  2. I love AMVs. I’ve even made some myself. My favourite out of all of these is Ghost of a Rose.

  3. Awesome! I’m Stryyder (John Galietta III), Victoria’s husband and helper. Thanks for the great review, Vic saw it and she is really happy. Congrats to all our winners!

    If you don’t mind, could I link this review on the Facebook page for our production name? Also, we’ll be running AMV events at Anime Vegas in September. If you find yourself out that way, please come introduce yourself so we can say hi!

    • September is a long way off, but Vegas sounds like fun anytime. I’ll see what’s happening & be sure to stop by if it happens. Ohh–and sure, go ahead and link it wherever you’d like. I noticed this content was scattered around the web, and wanted to consolidate it so other Con-attendees that may have missed this event could check it out.

  4. Well I’m a great jerk of Anime and Manga. My liking’s are Mythological Animes and the best are Letter bee, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Nura – rise of the yokai clan and Fruits basket will you present some more AMV results next time for an inspiration cuz i too wanna make some

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