Anime Review: Binbougami ga! (The God of Poverty!)

Produced by Sunrise, TV Tokyo. Licensed by Funimation. (2012)

Produced by Sunrise, TV Tokyo. Licensed by Funimation. (2012)




Sakura Ichiko has been blessed with too much good fortune, and her happiness is draining those around her. Enter Momiji, a God of Misfortune, who seeks to remedy the cause of her imbalance–if only Sakura were willing to cooperate. 13 episodes. TV-14.


Binbougami ga! has a very hyper-active level of slapstick that requires zero brain-effort to process. Directed by Yoichi Fujita, the similarities in humor style to his previous work, Gintama, are apparent. Scenes are often broken with skit-like “tangents” or styles given to characters within episodes that make reference to other popular anime.

While Binbougami ga! was entertaining from the start, It wasn’t until a few episodes in that I got hooked. The cat & mouse game between Sakura & Momiji danced on the edge of becoming too repetitive, but around episode 5 this series gained a surprising amount of heart. Although Sakura’s behavior may manifest as picky, superior, and snobby, she becomes more dimensional as the series progresses. Also, a slew of other unique characters are introduced, many of them from Momiji’s world.


In terms of aesthetics, the character designs work well. For a Poverty God, Momiji strikes a good balance of being ratty-looking but cute. Some people may find Ichiko’s bust size, like the amount of “boob jokes” peppered throughout the series, a bit much. However, I think the designers stayed pretty moderate in terms of anime standards. The OP & ED have a happy feel, and fit the tone of the show.


Overall, Binbougami ga! offers substance as well as slapstick, and is brilliant in its comedic timing. Although the basic plot structure of this series isn’t the most original, the writers’ genre-savvy approach redeems it. Much of the humor caters well to a veteran anime fan-base, and there are some really funny gems that lingered in my mind for a while.

In June 2012, Funimation announced the license of this series, and it is currently available streaming on their website. No further word has been given as to its English release, so for now it is available in Japanese with subtitles only.

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  1. Great review. You’ve convinced me to watch this. I ignored this one when it came out but I’ll try and watch it now especially since it has a reasonable amount of episodes!

  2. I just watched this because of your review 🙂 Got an excel saga feel to it lol. I always love your reviews, they broaden my horizon of anime~

  3. One of the reasons I love Yoichi Fujita’s work- in just an episode or two, he can make you laugh so hard with a considerable amount of slapstick comedy, and then within a split-minute, make you sad, teary-eyed, and reflective on the situation at hand. That quick travel of laugh-cry-laugh can be very addicting. 😄

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