6 Badass Anime Butlers

Butlers have a way of bringing old-world charm and sophistication to the otherwise ostentatious homes of the upper class. Most can polish silver, decant wine, follow protocols, and look immaculate.

However, Can they serve you tea while dishing out a 5-star serving of pain to your enemies?

Hayate no Gotoku (2004). Written by Hata Kenjiro. Illustrated by Hata Kenjiro.

These badass anime butlers have credentials:

Norman Burg – The Big O

In addition to preparing food, cleaning, and maintaining Roger Smith’s giant robot, Norman is skilled with a variety of fire-arms, from pistols to chain-fed machine guns. Also, he has a motorcycle that can launch rockets, and is able to bust through buildings without slowing down when sent on errands.


“That’s how you use a machine gun.” -Norman Burg

Paul Moriyama – Keroro Gunsou

On account of his marvelous mustache, the source of Paul’s power is almost limitless. Paul Moriyama is Momoka’s butler/bodyguard. Fiercely protective of his mistress, he assists her efforts to win Fuyuki’s heart by providing thorough reconnaissance. Being a war veteran, Paul feels a sense of camaraderie toward the A.R.M.P.I.T. platoon. He is a master in five schools of martial arts, and is able to perform the super-combo Paul Reppa!


“Would you like a cup of tea? I can brew it with my bare hands. Maybe you’d rather a slice of cake? I can bake a cake just by looking at it.” -Paul Moriyama

Walter C. Dornez – Hellsing

A former active member of the Hellsing Organization, Walter “the Angel of Death” serves Integra Hellsing as the family’s retainer. At the age of 69, he is able to control high-velocity razor wires to either restrain or gruesomely destroy armies of the undead.


“I highly recommend pissing yourself, followed by a course of praying to your impotent god.” -Walter C. Dornez

Mosquito – Soul Eater

A loyal steward, Mosquito caters to the witch Arachne’s whims. He possesses vampiric qualities that can transform him into the body of his youth, when he was much stronger. Mosquito uses his sharp nose to pierce and inflict massive damage on his opponents. He is also able to recover from severe injuries, such as losing a limb.


“Should I spell it out for you? Watch your mouth, or I’ll beat you to a bloody pulp.” -Mosquito

Sebastian Michaelis – Black Butler

Sebastian Michaelis is devoted butler and bodyguard of the Phantomhive household. However, his services come at a price. He can handle any task, no matter how incredulous, and is able to wield silverware with deadly force.  Modest to his inhuman accomplishments, Sebastian brushes them off as part of his duty.


“If you are still determined to take your own life, please do so outside.” -Sebastian Michaelis

Hayate Ayasaki – Hayate the Combat Butler

Anyone who tries to hurt Hayate’s mistress Nagi must have a death wish, as his physical prowess surpasses the laws of science. As a firearms expert, he can manage an MG3 machine gun single-handed, and can dodge bullets.  Also he is very skilled with swords. He’s defeated other butlers, the yakuza, the Greek mafia, many large robots, and giant tree ents. Plus, it appears Hayate can use Kamehameha.


“I’ll do it no matter how dangerous it is! I’ll give you all the lives I have!” -Hayate Ayasaki

Honorable Mentions:

Kogarashi – Kamen no Maid Guy

Kogarashi has many special powers, along with a seemingly indestructible body. He is also an intelligent, mathematical genius. Though professional, he often gets accused of being a pervert because he doesn’t understand how privacy works.


Watari – Death Note

As a father figure and confidant, Watari has a lot of personal devotion for L. He seems to have some talent for espionage, and is able to snipe people from a moving helicopter.



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  1. This is totally great list of bad ass butler.. my favorite one here is Mosquito from Soul Eater ^ ^

  2. Sebastian all the way (*´ω`*)

  3. Watari is the most awesome. :}
    No doubt.

  4. Lol at Hayate using Ciel’s Black Keys on the first photo. :3

  5. Sebastian! As long as he is there, I bow to you in respect! 😀

  6. where is sanji 😮


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