Otaku Sexy: A Foray into Fashionable Anime Apparel

“Nana” by Ai Yazawa. Published by Shueisha.

Are you an anime enthusiast that is peeking out of the “Otaku Closet?” Maybe I’m too self-conscious, but the prospect of showing off my anime fandom in public can be scary. While fun at conventions, Victorian frills, cat ears, and bright wigs seem strange for the day-to-day. There is a power-level threshold of nerdery that must be balanced.

When it comes to shopping for anime apparel, I’ve found that t-shirts & hoodies are the standard. A majority of them only available in Men’s sizes—so frumpy! As the culture of Japanese animation becomes more accepted, I would be ecstatic if merchandisers could keep pace in producing more fashionable clothing.

Here are some picks to wear out of the house:


1  Episode T-Shirt
2  3Roll Bracelet
3  RX-78-2 Cargo Shorts 
4  Mexico 66 Deluxe



1  Nerv Douai BD mark-A Shirt
     2  Unit 2 Cross Motif Tie
3  Engraved Nerv Cufflinks

1   Collared Chococat Dress
     Forever 21                            
2  Hello Kitty Embossed Face Satchel
3  Hello Kitty Hooded Jacket
    ASICS x Hello Kitty

EVA x BACKS Fleece Top
3  Unit 1 Tulle Skirt
    Evangelion Store
4  6th Angel Silver Earrings
    EVA x Hanakarakusa

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I am an astronomical anime fan. I enjoy watching it, collecting figures & merchandise, assembling models, and attending conventions. California burrito glutton. Let's be friends:)

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