Anime Review: Heaven’s Lost Property (Sora no Otoshimono)


Original run: Produced by AIC, 2009. Licensed by Funimation 2011.

Tomoki Sakurai is a normal high school student who enjoys a quiet and peaceful life…well, until a beautiful Angeloid named Ikaros falls from the sky. With the power to grant any wish Tomoki desires, hijinks abound in this romantic comedy. 13 episodes. TV-16+.


Heaven’s Lost Property didn’t catch my attention when it first released in 2009. This is mainly due to the cookie-cutter plot description à la DearS and Chobits. In other words, I felt that a rotating line up of pretty aliens/angels/robots—whatever, who are enraptured with a weak, no-balls, dork of a main character were good cause for criticism.

However, during a recent boredom spell, I must admit that it was a good thing that I was able to put my preconceived notions of Heaven’s Lost Property aside. The first few episodes have to be the most inane I’ve encountered in a while, and the show as a whole brings on some heavy belly-laughs. Also, as the series goes on, it “matures” a bit with a dramatic secondary plot line.

“Something about men: everything comes down to our libidos. Oh, and food.” – Tomoki Sakurai

For production values, the artists in this series weren’t lazy at all. There are many action anime that can’t compare to the smooth, consistent feel of this comedy. When I viewed this series on blu-ray, the color palette popped & the line detail was exceptional. Also, the scene angles are interesting, and each of the ending credits animations are unique. In terms of sound, the 5.1 opening track “Ring My Bell” by Blue Drops, and the ending themes each have excellent fidelity. This can also be said of the music and effects.

All-in-all, Heaven’s Lost Property is an enjoyable blend of fantasy, romance, and comedy with a sprinkling of ecchi. Although there is no nudity, if you are offended by fan service or otherwise crude behavior you may want to avoid this one. For me, I liked this series more than I should, and it falls onto the wobbly spectrum of stupid vs. entertaining.

Heaven’s Lost Property is a definite “guilty pleasure”, that proves it can be possible to work with clichés and not end up with a tired product.


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  1. I can relate. I totally ignored this show after having come across it on the internet. That is, until I accidentally watched this crazy nipple-tingling video: Crazy, right? :)) And to my surprise, that’s just one of the lotsa hella-funny moments in the show (Tomoko, anyone? Haha). Great review, by the way. It makes me want to watch the show again. Season 3 is taking too long :/

    P.S. I was blown away when I found out that the seiyuu of Tomoki is also that of Maebara Keiichi of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni- one of my most favorite anime shows 😀

    • OMG, that song + the shirt, made me laugh so hard. Another fav moment for me from season 1 was when Nymph gave him “cool guy” powers. Still holding out for the US release of season 2 on Blu-ray + Season 3 does need to hurry up already -_-

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