Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movies to See US Theatrical Release

In the world of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, strange creatures exist that have the power to grant one wish to chosen girls. In return, they must fulfill a contract to use their new-found magical girl powers to fight the forces of evil.

Touted as “truly subversive, dark, and unique” by Anime News Network, Madoka Magica is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows to release in recent years. The anime itself, clocking in at 12 episodes, is very well-paced, despite its long-winded title.

Q: “…But is it as good as they say?” A: “Hell yes.”

If you’re an American fan fiending for more Madoka, good news! This October, the first two films of the Madoka Magica  trilogy will be showing in select locations in the United States. Aniplex has begun streaming the trailer of the two compilation movies that will premiere this October.

The first two films: The Beginning Story (始まりの物語), and The Eternal Story (永遠の物語), will be a retelling of the TV series. However, the third movie will be an all new script penned by Gen Urobuchi.

Showtimes and Locations (double Feature=1 ticket):

Los Angeles Downtown Independent 10/19 Fri~10/25 Thurs www.downtownindependent.com
New York Big Cinema Manhattan 10/20 Sat us.bigcinemas.com/loc_Manhattan.asp
Chicago Music Box 10/20 Sat www.musicboxtheatre.com
Houston Alamo Drafthouse 10/20 Sat drafthouse.com/houston
San Francisco New People 10/20 Sat www.newpeopleworld.com

If you’re going to the L.A. premiere, see you there (>_<)!


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  1. I have not watched this series but I like the art and music. I picked out my favourite character who also has my favourite theme music and I heard it doesn’t end too nicely for her so I refuse to watch it.

  2. I’m sure to check out the third one, I really think this anime is great

    • For sure Z, I’m eager about the 3rd one as well. Confession: the series made me want to cry like a little girl at the end, but I had to play like a robot to avoid embarrassment from my friends:P kyuu

      • I felt the same way and I’m far from a little girl myself, haha
        It was good, short, and kinda got me off guard at the end. I wonder how the movie will be after all that has happened. Very excited.

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