Just for Fun: A Tribute to the Anime Slap (Shikkari shiro!)

“What did the five fingers say to the face?”

Presenting a slideshow of anime slap-titude:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Slapping occurs frequently in anime. Whether intended as an act of humiliation or an assertion of one’s authority, this physical abuse can be justifiable.

Let’s say our hero is hysterical, catatonic or annoyingly angsty when the rest of the cast needs him/her the most. How do you fix them? A high-five to the face, of course. “Shikkari shiro!” (lit: snap out of it!)

On a side-note, what I find interesting is that according to the Myth-Busters, a slap to the face does actually help the slapped person get back in focus. Who knew?

Of course, my favorite reason to encourage this anime trend is because it’s hilarious. If our main guy is discovered in a morally compromising situation, we can leave it to his Tsundere girlfriend to be “Judge, Jury, & Executioner” on his face.

Our hero will do nothing to counter this attack, as he is usually frozen in a combination of intimidation and/or acceptance of his fate.


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  1. You know if I think about it, I’ve never slapped anyone in my life. The slideshow is hilarious 😄

  2. Love how a good chunk of the ones in the slideshow are somehow related to the slapped person being a perv.

  3. yeah, I’ve never slapped anyone ever. I think in RL it would come to punches o.O

  4. Love the main picture, getting slapped by Shizuo would be life changing (if not ending) experience.

  5. I’d rather be punch by a guy than to slap by a woman..

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