Figure Guide: Eris of Asobi Ni Ikuyo!/Cat Planet Cuties

Cat Planet Cuties has been licensed by Funimation, and is available on Blu-ray & DVD as of May 15, 2012. Under its original Japanese title: Asobi ni Iku yo! (あそびにいくヨ! Let’s go play!), this show began as a light novel series by Okina Kamino. While not the most original story—average high school guy meets a girl way out of his league (who also happens to be a cat-girl alien!), Cat Planet Cuties is still a fun watch.

For many a figure enthusiast, having a cat-girl in their collection is pretty much canon. With the great character designs of Cat Planet Cuties, there have been a decent amount of prepainted figure releases well before the recent U.S. DVD release.

Here is a chronological Figure guide to the main character of Cat Planet Cuties, Eris (aka Elis) in order of release date:

Comic Alive Selection A & B- Eris

These Eris trading figures are available as part of a blind trading figure set of 8 characters featured on the cover of Monthly Comic Alive, a Japanese seinen manga magazine published by Media Factory. Currently, the complete set (to get the guaranteed Eris figures) costs around $45.00. The difference between Eris A & Eris B is that Eris A has the strawberry blond/orangey hair color, while Eris B is Blonde. Aside from this, both have identical outfits and poses.

Category: Trading Figure
Company: Bandai (バンダイ)
Version: Comic Alive Selection A, Selection B
Material(s): PVC
Original Price: ¥700 (8.76USD)
Current Price: ¥3560 (45.00USD) –Complete set, individual figures are rare online.
Release Date: March 2003
Height: 4in (102mm)
Run: Standard

A comparison of Comic Alive Selection A & B Eris. The hair color difference is subtle.

Gutto-Kuru Figure Collection Eris Version 1- 1/8 scale

A part of CM’s Corporation’s Gutto-Kuru Figure Collection, figure fans didn’t really know what to expect when this release was initially announced as CM’s figures had previously been hit or miss. Although the initial price was a bit high, Eris’ pose is very kinetic, and her facial expression is accurate to the series. A breezy, carefree attitude is apparent; she is well-painted and super cute in her space suit. Most photos don’t do this figure justice. The only common complaints I’ve heard are that a.) she is too encased in plastic wrapping while still in the box, so must be taken out for display, and b.) some people would have preferred a clear base rather than a black one.

Category: Prepainted
Company(ies): CM’s Corporation (CM`sコーポレーション) Gutto-Kuru Figure Collection
Material(s): PVC
Original Price: ¥8800 (111.00USD)
Current Price: ¥12650&up (160.00USD&up)
Release Date: November 2010
Scale: 1/8
Height: 7.41in (190mm)
Run: Standard

Gutto-Kuru Figure Collection Eris Version 1- 1/8 scale by CM’s Corporation.

Skytube Fruit Bikini Ver. Eris – 1/6 scale

A part of Alpha Max’s Skytube figureline, this cold-cast figure is very fragile. However, it is shipped very well. Eris’ head, chest, legs, right arm, tail, bikini, fruit basket and base are individually wrapped with care, with easy assembly upon arrival. Her bikini is made of flexible plastic so it isn’t too difficult to remove.

When cast-off, Eris’ dimensions may look a bit too Barbie-like for some when her breasts are contrasted with her super-skinny waist. Her face is painted very well, and her pose is based off the cover art of the original manga (volume 6). Also, the fact that she has a magnetic tail for easy replacement is genius.

Lastly, the base on this sculpture is very well crafted, looks very real with the shell detailing, and has a luxurious felt bottom.

Category: Prepainted, Cast off
Company(ies): Alpha Max (アルファマックス) Skytube
Sculptor: 2%
Material(s): Cold Cast
Original Price: ¥16800 (212.00USD)
Current Price: ¥26090&up (330.00USD&up)
Release Date: January 2011
Scale: 1/6
Height: 11.31in (290mm)
Run: Standard

Fruit Bikini Ver. Eris – 1/6 scale by Alphamax, Skytube.

Gutto-Kuru Figure Collection Eris Version 2- 1/8 scale

If the first Cat Planet Cuties figure from CM’s Corporation wasn’t your style, the newer Y-shirt cast-off version may be better. Eris is in the same pose as the spacesuit-clad version 1 figure, assistroid and all. However, this time she shows some cleavage and sports her underwear.

Although the price of this figure has actually gone down a few dollars since its release, it is expected to go back up due to the robust DVD sales of Cat Planet Cuties’ U.S. debut.

Category: Prepainted, Cast off
Company(ies): CM’s Corporation (CM`sコーポレーション) Gutto-Kuru Figure Collection
Material(s): ABS, PVC
Original Price: ¥8800 (111.00USD)
Current Price: ¥ 8303 (105.00USD)
Release Date: June 2011
Scale: 1/8
Height: 7.8in (200mm)
Run: Standard

Gutto-Kuru Figure Collection Y-shirt Eris Version 2- 1/8 scale by CM’s Corporation.

Griffon Enterprises Eris- 1/7 scale

Griffon Enterprises did an amazing job with this figure. Many of the images shown online give the impression that Elis’ hair is really bright. However, in person, this figure’s hair is more natural and muted looking. Now if only Griffon could make her some mini-maracas. Then she’d really be dancing! If you are planning on buying this figure, hunt around a bit. There are rumors online that she can be found on sale some places for as low as $50.00.

Category: Prepainted
Company(ies): Griffon Enterprises (グリフォンエンタープライズ)
Sculptor: Yamamoto Masahiro (山本 雅弘)
Material(s): ABS, PVC
Original Price: ¥7600 (96.00USD)
Current Price: same as original price. This item can still be found in stock at many retailers.
Release Date: June 2011
Scale: 1/7
Height: 10.73in (275 mm)
Run: Standard

Griffon Enterprises Eris- 1/7 scale.

Collection Figure DX – Assistroid

To any figure lover who enjoys collecting cutesy mascot characters, this 3 pack of assistroids from CM’s corporation is very fun. They could always be used to censor other additions to your collection with their silly placards. Sold in a set of 3. Stickers are included to add letters to their placards or numbers to their foreheads.

Category: Action Figure
Company(ies): CM’s Corporation (CM`sコーポレーション) Collection Figure DX
Material(s): ABS
Original Price: ¥2000 (25.00USD)
Current Price: ¥ 2765 (35.00USD)
Release Date: June 2011
Height: 2.34in (60 mm)
Run: Standard

Collection Figure DX Assistroid Action Figure (set of 3) by CM’s Corporation.

FREEing Eris – 1/8 scale

This figure captures the looks and charm of Eris very well, and the way her tail is wrapped around her leg is so cute! Part of the fun with this figure is that it doesn’t rely on the base, so it can placed into anime figure dioramas—if you’re into that. Eris’ eyes are really pretty and sparkling on this figure, and the base is painted in an airbrushed light pink color that makes it appear as if she were relaxing on a cloud.

Category: Prepainted
Company(ies): FREEing (フリーイング)
Sculptor: Zenko (ぜんこ)
Material(s): PVC
Original Price: ¥7429 (94.00USD)
Current Price: ¥8700 (110.00USD&up)
Release Date: August 2011
Scale: 1/8
Height: 5.46in (140mm)
Run: Standard

Eris 1/8 scale Figure by FREEing.

Kaitendoh Eris -1/7 scale

The release date of this Cat Planet Cuties figure has been pushed back from April to May. This figure looks well proportioned, and seems to have great coloring.  Available for preorder now.

On another note…is she holding a cat paw dildo? O_o?

Category: Prepainted
Company(ies): Kaitendoh (回天堂)
Sculptor: Ibuki
Material(s): Acrylic, Candy Resin
Original Price: ¥9800 (124.00USD)
Release Date: Late May 2012
Scale: 1/7
Run: Standard

Eris -1/7 scale prepainted figure by Kaitendoh. Preorder now. Releases late May 2012.


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  1. I was wondering about the current price of these figures, the brief review of each helped as well. Thanks a lot for posting this! I’ll be following you on twitter!

    • Listen pal I don’t know the exact prices but if I were to guess it’d be about a couple hundred usd. I’d be lucky if I could get one for at least $100 DX

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