20 Anime Characters that Need a Figure Release

With thousands of Haruhi Suzumiya, Vocaloid, Kan’u, and Saber figures floating around the anime figure-verse, it is disheartening to see that many beloved anime characters will never be realized in figure form. Some of them are screaming for justice! Others may have existing figures, but they are either:  a.) of low quality b.) a dinky trading figure or  c.) an unofficial garage kit that may/may not be uber creepy (not to mention the assembly needed).

Many figure collectors have a wishlist at the back of their minds that they hope companies will release in quality, pre-painted form.  In no particular order, here are 20 of my picks:

The entire cast of Ouran High School Host Club (2006). It would be neat to have individual Host Club figures that, when standing together, form a group pose like the silhouettes on the DVD cover. Or in costume from the “Haruhi in Wonderland” episode.

Elfen Lied (2004). Although watching it traumatizes me, Lucy/Nyuu deserves a figure.

Revolutionary Girl Utena (1996). The swashbuckling Utena Tenjou & “Rose Bride” Anthy Himemiya.

The cast of Soul Eater (2008). The popularity of this series, and the cat-girl-ness of Blair alone should have justified more than a Gashapon set.

Yuko Ichihara. An inter-dimensional witch featured in CLAMP series: xxxHolic (2006) & Tsubasa: reservoir Chronicle (2005).

Sakura of Naruto (2002)/Naruto Shippuden (2007). I want team Kakashi to be complete.

The cast of Outlaw Star (1998). This rare piece of anime genius has aged very well. In my wildest dreams, a re-release of this series, along with lots of merchandise would occur.

Ranmao, of Black Butler(Kuroshitsuji) (2006, 2010). This silent but insanely popular cosplay choice has gone unnoticed.

The full cast of Sekirei (2008) doesn’t get much figure love. Despite sold-out DVD/Blu-ray sales of season 1, this series has fallen through the cracks figure-wise apart from the main brunette Musabi.

“Bro, bro, fight the power!” Simon, a main protaganist in Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann (2007), has been eclipsed by the super-sexy Yoko.

Rin:Daughters of Mnemosyne (2009). Rin is an immortal private investigator with a penchant for getting herself in horrifying situations.

Karin/Chibi Vampire (2005). A figure of Karin Maaka in her school uniform would be so cute!

Haydee from Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (2004). Her striking appearance & elaborate apparel make her very figure-worthy.

Gendo Ikari of Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995). Despite heavy Evangelion marketing, and a gazillion figures of Rei & Asuka, the stone-cold commander of Nerv still needs figure justice.

The cast of Godannar (2003). This high-production homage to classic action mecha has such fun, colorful characters.

Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) & FMA: Brotherhood (2009). Many of the minor characters deserve better. I think the Armstrong siblings would be great.

Hell Girl/Jigoku Shōjo (2005). Hone Onna is one of the three companions of Ai.

While Divergence Eve (2003) was full of techno-jargon & gross CGI, the character designs were amazing. Misaki in her uniform or the whole gang in their swimsuits would be awesome.

Excel Saga (1999). The characters from this hyper anime classic are highly recognizable. Nishiki Ropponmatsu has figures from Yamato. She’s cute, but why just her?

Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop (1998). More of Faye would be nice too.

What anime figures do you wish existed? Your 2¢ is welcome.


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  1. thebluehammer

    I’d love to see a Queen’s Gate version of Taki from Soul Calibur! /crosses fingers

  2. I’ve been trying to find a PVC figure of Yukko Ichihara, I totally agree with that one.
    Her default black dress would be a simple enough design. I’d pay mad money for a proper PVC, and would buy a sub-par one as long as it wasn’t horrible. Someone please make one!

  3. I wish all the Digimon characters had PVC figures. I also wish for PVC figures for the Inuyasha cast, the Akatsuki no Yona cast, the Angel Beats cast, the SAO cast, the High School of the Dead cast, the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS cast, the No Game, No Life cast, the Uta no Prince Sama cast, the Mahouk Koukou no Rettousei cast, the Hamatora cast, the Free! Iwatobi Swim Club cast, the Kyoukai no Kanata cast, the Sound! Euphonium cast, the RIN-NE cast, the Shugo Chara cast, the Zatch Bell! cast, the Golden Time cast, the Tokyo Mew Mew cast, and the Chobits cast. I agree that Ouran High School Host Club cast should have PVC figures made. I am literally in love with anime figures now and wish to expand my collection.

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