Figure Guide: Rurouni Kenshin (An organized list of worthwhile collections)

Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story, also known as Rurouni Kenshin, is a samurai manga created by Nobuhiro Watsuki. It ran from 1994-1999 in Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump, and was adapted into an anime series which aired in Japan from 1996-1998. An animated film, and two OVAs were also produced.

Rurouni Kenshin takes place during the early Meiji era, and focuses on a wanderer named Himura Kenshin. Once an elite assassin during the final years of the Edo period, he has walked away from a life of violence. Now Kenshin offers protection to those in need in order to atone for his actions.

A  live-action Rurouni Kenshin movie, and television manga adaptation are in the works by Warner Brothers Japan & Studio Swan. Combined with the recent blu-ray release of Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal, there seems to be a surge of popularity for this anime classic.

Detailed below is listing of most available Rurouni Kenshin figures by release date. There are many trading figure releases of this series; the most popular are included. Also, select figures that were sculpted, but not produced, were not included.

Figure Chronology:

Three Story! Image! Figure! trading figure sets were manufactured by Yamato (やまと). The first release beginning around the year 2000, and the latest release in 2004. Each set retailed at around ¥600 (7.00USD), and saw a standard run. For their size (between 5”-7” inches tall) these figures have nice movement, and vibrant coloring. It is nice that there is a figure of Aoshi, as few sets seem to include him. Many of these older Yamato figures are very rare to find. Be aware when purchasing on Ebay, because there are known counterfeits of some of these products.

Story! Image! Figure! collection 1. Manufacturer: Yamato.

Story! Image! Figure! collection 2. Manufacturer: Yamato.

Story! Image! Figure! collection 2. Manufacturer: Yamato.

These figures below are based on the Manga (not the OVA), but show the Battousai in a cool, stylish manner. These figures were available in either mystery boxes or blister packaging. The bases may be different between the two versions.

Story! Image! Figure! collection 3. Manufacturer: Yamato.

Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal figures: Manufactured by Toycom/Yamato in 2002. Materials: ABS, PVC. Height: 7″ inch (180mm). Among the first Rurouni Kenshin figures to ever be released. These figures seem pretty good for their time.  The molding could be more sharp and well defined. Although based on the OVA, Kenshin has a more benevolent, childish appearance, and has a single scar as he did for most of the OVA. There is also a hamon visible on the edge of his Katana. The face and hair on the Tomoe figure seem a bit off, but the remaining figures look good.

Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal figure collection. From left: Kenshin Himura, Saitou Hajime, Okita Souji, Yukishiro Tomoe. Manufactured by Toycom/Yamato.

Rurouni Kenshin TV Version: Made of ABS, PVC. Height: 6″ in (152mm). Although the exact release date isn’t known, original retail value was ¥1428 (17.50USD). Standard Release.

Rurouni Kenshin Action Doll Set. Manufactured by Yamato. From left: Sagara Sanosuke, Saitou Hajime, Kenshin Himura, Kamiya Kaoru. Right: An unopened blister pack.

Kenshin – Amie grand 2002: This 1/6 scale figure is the ultimate for a Kenchin OVA fanatic.  Beginning as a Resin Kit released by Amie-Grand in April 2001, this pre-painted version was made available later that year. For the early 2000’s, it retailed expensively, at ¥13000 (160USD). It was released in limited quantities in Japan only. Currently, this figure retails close to ¥60000 (740.00USD). Materials: Cold cast. Height: 11″in (28cm) Sculptor: Nakayama Eiji (中山 栄治).

Rurouni Kenshin 1/6 scale cold cast. Manufactured by Amie-Grand, 2001.

Kenshin—Amie grand 2002: Another Kenshin figure was produced by Amie grand in 2002. 1/8 scale, and made of Polystone. Original retail value: ¥9800 (120USD). Height: 8.58″in (220mm). It is difficult to find information on this figure, so it may have been a Japan only release, like the first.

Kenshin Real Works: A trading figure set released by Bandai in 2007. Made of PVC. Height: 5.5″in (140mm). The quality on these little figures looks exceptional and crisp. Nice, vivid the colors. Sagara’s face looks a little “off”, but the rest look good.

Kenshin Real Works Figures. Manufacturer: Bandai. From left: Kenshin Himura, Sagara Sanosuke, Kamiya Kaoru, Shishio Makoto, Shinomori Aoshi.

Rurouni Kenshin – Himura Kenshin – G.E.M. – 1/8 – Battousai Ver./Red Ver. by MegaHouse (メガハウス): Released in June, 2011. Original retail price of ¥6800 (85.00USD). Height: 7.8″ in (200mm), limited run. a MegaHouse figure line that produces male anime figures to a female target market. This figure is able to change facial expressions. Warning: Both Battousai and regular versions of Kenshin have a red colored base. Sculptor: Moriwaki Naoto (森脇 直人).

Himura Kenshin. G.E.M. 1/8 scale. Battousai/Regular Ver. Manufacturer: MegaHouse.

Hajime Saito – G.E.M. – 1/8 –by MegaHouse (メガハウス): Released in Jan, 2012. Original retail price of ¥6800 (85.00USD). Height: 7.02″ in (178mm), standard run. Saito looks slender, and sharp eyed expression is accurate from the anime.Sculptor: Arai Kyousuke (新居 興介).

Saitou Hajime. G.E.M. 1/8 scale. Manufacturer: MegaHouse. Released Jan 2012.

Shishio Makoto- G.E.M. – 1/8 -by MegaHouse (メガハウス): Coming Soon: May 2012. Original retail price of ¥7600 (93.00USD). Height: 8.58″ in (220mm), standard run. Sculptor: Inada Masaki (稲田 真樹). Figure includes extra an optional Guren Kaina hand (Shishio’s flame).

Shishio Makoto. G.E.M. 1/8 scale. Manufacturer: MegaHouse. Pre-order now. Releases May 2012.

Blue/Red Kenshin Revoltech: Released in Oct, 2011. Comes in both red & white dress. Being a Revoltech, this figure is highly pose able.  Some Revoltech/figma fams may feel he is not articulated enough because he is unable to do the splits. I’m more put off by the prominance of the ball-joints, and the rigid appearance of the fabrics. At least if your Revoltech joints ever break, you can buy separate joints for them.

Himura Kenshin – Revoltech. Both Battousai & Rurouni Versions available. Manufactured by Kaiyodo.

This Kenshin Revoltech comes with extra faces and weapons.

Rurouni Kenshin – Himura Kenshin – Figuarts ZERO (Bandai): Of the new Rurouni Kenshin figures to debut, the pose of this Kenshin is very fun & dynamic. Like many of the Figuarts Zero figures, it is affordable as well. ¥3500 (43.00USD). Materials: ABS, PVC. Height: 6.24″ in (160 mm). New! April 2012 Release.

Himura Kenshin – Figuarts ZERO. Manufacturer: Bandai.

Shishio Makoto – Figuarts ZERO: Coming soon from Bandai. He should be priced similarly to Himura Kenshin (around ¥3500/43.00USD)

Shishio Makoto – Figuarts ZERO. Manufacturer: Bandai. Coming Soon! No release date announced.

*Detailed above is a listing of most available Rurouni Kenshin figures by release date. There are many trading figure releases of this series; the most popular are included. Also, select figures that were sculpted, but not produced, were not included.

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  1. Another great figure history guide, love these <3.

  2. I love the article! The only problem is that the image for the 2nd Story! Image! Figure! collection is wrong. Instead of Sanosuke and Enishi, it had Aoshi and Sōjirō. It also comes with a different Kenshin than the one pictured.

  3. Hey.. I have a question.. What about the VOLKS. INC dollfie of Kenshin.. I have one near mint in the box.. but i see no one talking about them.

  4. do you sell it??
    i have wanted it every where, and i don’t find them, not yet until now.

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