Anime Review: Rosario + Vampire Season 1 (Wheee!)

Produced by Gonzo, 2008, Licensed by Funimation, 2010.


After failing his high school entrance exams, Tsukune Aono discovers the mysterious Yokai Academy. Yokai school exists for monsters, and humans are strictly forbidden. Tsukune decides to hide his human identity, due to the friendship he develops with the sexy Moka Akashiya–a vampire who regularly “kisses” his neck because he smells good to her. When the rosary that seals Moka’s full power is removed, she transforms into a butt-kicking super-vampire. Over the course of the season, Tsukune’s compassion and sweet smell attract other powerful female monsters who bicker for his affections.


With attractive character designs, on-model appearance, detailed backgrounds, and a brilliant color palette, the production quality of Rosario + Vampire is strong. A Funimation cast of regulars give a great performance for the English dub.

Rosario + Vampire is comfortably formulaic: a panty-laden harem comedy with monsters, plus a few magical girl elements (Moka’s repeated transformation scenes & catchphrase).
Tsukune is a cookie-cutter male lead: a lovable, pure-hearted wimp who only has eyes for Moka but still likes the other girls as friends. Granted, Tsukune’s flimsiness is more excusable given the monster-power of the other characters. Throughout the series, his girls protect him through climactic one-on-one fights. This pattern continues with minor character growth, leading up to a few final episodes framed with themes of friendship and tolerance. Some viewers may find this repetitive.

From left: busty succubus, love-interest, loli jailbaiter, soft-spoken Rei-type.

For humor, this show is hit or miss. Characters like to break the fourth wall, which can be fun. The music director did a terrific job of choosing themes to support the comedic moments of this series. The running gags which get further lampshade treatment by a bat character mascot (rather than the writers making new jokes) get stale very fast.

Aside from some predictable jokes and episode pacing, Rosario is good, light entertainment. There is much action, and some surprisingly emphatic scenes.  The main attraction of Rosario + Vampire  is the fanservice, and it is present in every part of the series (on a Najica Blitz Tactics level), to include the opening, closing, and “Next Episode” preview. If you enjoy ecchi anime and risqué situations, this show will appeal to you.

Rosario + Vampire Season 1 contains 13 episodes of 25 minutes.

Manga Fan Disclaimer:

The timeline of Rosario+Vampire the anime is very different from the manga. There are many storyline changes. Some characters appear earlier, some are anime exclusive, and certain minor characters appear more. It is the general consensus among fans of the manga that this show took excessive liberties.

Anime Adaptation Order(by Chapter): 1, 2, 5, 3, 4, 18, 19, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 8, 9, 10.


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