Figure Guide: One Piece Portrait of Pirates (POP) by MegaHouse

Considered by many to be the heir of Dragonball  in terms of Japanese merchandising prowess, One Piece has aired over 500 episodes since its release. It also holds the title of most popular manga series of all time in Japan. With a bevy of interesting characters, it is quite worthy of an exclusive MegaHouse “Excellent Model” brandline.

Among One Piece fans, Portrait of Pirates Figures (POP) are highly sought after, and are considered the best figurines of the franchise that one can acquire. Most of these figures stand about 22 cm/9in tall (1/8 scale), and come with a base for support. Also, many figures do not have any articulation–the main purpose being to collect or display. Additional weapons and accessories are usually included, though. There are over 400 figures that fall into the Portrait of Pirates collection, to include many spin-offs & limited edition figures–this article sticks with the basics.

POP Release Chronology:

Excellent Model
Release date: April 2004- December 2005
Original price: ¥3,990/48.00USD

This first POP line consisted of 12 figures total which were released in 4 groups of 3. There is a distinct increase in the quality of these figures from releases 1 & 2 to releases 3 & 4. Being the original set, these figures are generally more desired than their Neo counterparts.

The Portrait of Pirates-Excellent series. 1st-4th edition are shown by row (descending).

Excellent Model Neo
Release date: September 2007-June 2010
Original price: ¥1,890- ¥5,985 (23.00-72.00USD)

The Neo line consists of 7 releases and 2 extensions(EX). Most of these figures are new, improved re-releases of the original series shown above. Changes include better paint, character expressions that are more in-line with the manga, and (for some figures) different poses. There are a total of 18 items in this collection.

New characters introduced in the Neo Collection (release edition number included).

Neo EX releases

Excellent Model Neo DX
Release date: May 2009-Present
Original Price: ¥5,985- ¥9,450 (72.00-115.00USD)

Neo DX figures are an expensive collection because they are a bit taller than the other figure sets mentioned thus far. They have an average height of 25cm(9.8in), plus gorgeous artisan-level details. A total of 24 figures have been announced.

Characters introduced in the Neo DX Collection (release edition number included).

Excellent Model Strong Edition
Release date: December 2009- June 2011
Original price: ¥2,100- ¥8,925 (26.00-108.00USD)

This figure collection was released in conjunction with the 10th One Piece movie Strong World. It consists of 14 figures. Also, there are 2 new figures of Chopper (black and white versions).

Characters introduced in the Strong Collection (release edition number included).

Excellent Model Sailing Again
Release date: December 2011-Present
Original price: ¥2,310- ¥9,240 (28.00-112.00USD)

This exciting new addition to POP is focused on the Straw Hat crew during the New World Saga. Right now, it is made up of 4 releases, with a total of 6 different characters announced. Some of the figures are more versatile than before. For example, the 1/8 scale Monkey D. Luffy figure has 3 optional face parts; his arms can also be swapped out for different poses!

If you are looking to pre-order any of these figures, get them fast with AmiAmi, Hobby Search, Play Asia, J-List, etc. because they will disappear, and the prices will be inflated later.

Pre-order Tip: Many figures in this collection can still be hunted down at U.S. online retailers. For Example, Toys Logic still has some new figures available.

Sailing Again 1st release (December 2011)

2nd release: Roronoa Zoro (January 2012)
3rd release: Sanji (March 2012)

Princess Shirahoshi. Pre-order now. Available August 2012.


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