Anime Review: Mouse (Chuu Mouse!)


Mouse is a 12 episode anime comedy written by Satoru Akahori . For centuries, a family of mysterious thieves named “Mouse” have eluded the authorities, stealing priceless artifacts. The latest gentleman thief, Sorata, and his Unwanted Harem of devoted “servants” pull off heists of art museums and landmark towers in acts of spectacular daring.

Mouse begins with our benevolent hero stealing an entire museum under the watchful eyes of the police, but gets much more absurd from there. Heavy on the man-rape humor, “Mouse” is surrounded by a bountifully breasted, cat suited trio of live-in assistants–yet frequently protests their blatant sexual advances to “send their master to paradise”.

The extreme amount of fanservice wasn’t a problem, as I do enjoy the occasional ecchi anime. However, the production value is amateurish and low budget for having debuted in 2003, appearing on par with anime of the 80’s. The girls have large eyes that occasionally look cross-eyed, which when combined with often outlandish costumes makes them unappealing.

Also, expect some horrible puns. In the squeaky opening theme song “Mouse Chuu Mouse”, “Chuu” is both the sound a mouse makes in Japanese and the sound effect for kisses. If that weren’t enough, the title is pronounced “Mouth to Mouth”.

As for plot, the logic of Mouses’ heist plans lacks mystery and creativity.  It meanders around with flashback episodes before building to a partially explained, anti-climactic face-off with a rival thief.

On a positive note, Mouse is a series that doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is its redeeming quality. I did chuckle on occasion, but not at the intent of the creators. This title managed to have enough fun, tease, and laughable clichés to put it at a level of mediocrity in terms of both narrative and convention. If you are looking for deep character development and moving story, skip this show. Otherwise, it is great for sitting around and giving the “Mystery Science Theater” treatment. Watch it streaming on Netflix or Crunchyroll to avoid buyer’s remorse.

*By the way, if you are interested in this anime because you think a cat-burglar protagonist would be fun, you should definitely check out the master thief “Dark” in DNAngel (note: DNAngel has no ecchi, but is more of a “slice of life” adventure).


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