Anime Conji 2012: March 16-18 in San Diego

Anime Conji is one of Southern California’s best kept secrets. As a San Diego local, it was an easy decision to attend this event because it was so inexpensive: $50 for a full weekend pass (March 16-18).

This annual anime and manga convention is picking up in its 3rd year,  and has grown to attract thousands of people that blend in a wild menagerie of cosplay–making for a wacky, surreal success. A variety of events that anime fans would expect at a standard con are present:

  • an AMV contest
  • panels
  • anime screenings
  • art (art show, artist alley, artist events)
  • music/dance/parties
  • cosplay masquerade/contest
  • karaoke

…and a few unexpected surprises such as a “Last Comic Standing” comedy event, an ice cream social with free ice cream (score!), a Mochi Maid Café (which upon request can instead feature some sexy butlers), a Pirate Rum Party, an after dark Burlesque show, and a Swap Meet.

Unlike larger conventions such as Anime Expo, it was refreshing to not make a mad rush for early seating. There was enough space to accommodate everyone. Also, what super-shocked me the most was that the convention chairman Hector Reyes introduced himself, and personally thanked my friends & I for attending. I have never felt that level of attention at larger venues (and there was no small sum of fans here). With plenty of events to keep me busy, it has been very enjoyable to get my moneys’ worth in entertainment at Anime Conji 2012. I am happy to be supporting the beginnings of an even better 2013.

Anime Conji Entertainment

The cosplay masquerade half-time show featured a dancing j-pop tribute group “Angel Hearts.”

Anime Conji 2012 Swag

Some items I acquired today. The T-shirt, Pokemon merchandise, & plushie were free! Me gusta.

tentacle grape soda
Saw this “Tentacle Grape” soda at the J-list booth, and felt I had no choice but to pick it up.

An Anime Conji 2012 brochure.


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